Whenever possible, we recycle and refurbish old pallets. But we also manufacture thousands of new pallets and crates from lumber harvested throughout New York State.

We are your partners in woodlot management. Our professional foresters work with you to identify your management goals and objectives to provide better access to your woods. This in turn leads to faster re-growth of the higher quality tree species you desire.

We don’t “cherry pick” your woodlot

We specialize in harvesting all timber species, including hardwoods, softwoods, dying, overcrowded and deformed trees. We use the low grade lumber in our industry and market your higher grade lumber (oak, cherry, maple), thus providing you with the maximum dollar value for your woodlot. Parts that we can’t use for pallets are turned into firewood, bark chips, lumber or sawdust, so there is absolutely no waste.

Because we use the lower grade timber for our business that other foresters tend to leave behind, we’re able to utilize more of the tree, leaving you with a high grade tree re-growth and more timber revenue!

Rest assured, our staff of fully insured timber harvesters adhere to our strict guidelines to ensure the environmental integrity of the operation.

Procurement Radius

We have several professional logging crews in the field at any given time, working throughout Western and Central New York state. We purchase timber from about a 100 mile radius of our facility in Marion, NY: from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo and Watertown to Binghamton.

We are always in the market for standing timber. Give us a call at 315-331-2850 (during normal business hours) or call Ryan Gebo at our¬†forestry division at 518-260-7463. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation woodloot appraisal. Or just send an email to office@hermanspallets.com¬†and we’ll get back to you promptly!