Responsible Recycling

Old pallets awaiting recycling

We fix and recycle over 2000 used and worn pallets per day. The photo to the right shows stacks upon stacks of old pallets in our warehouse awaiting recycling. Those making the cut are repaired with a variety of new stringers and deck boards and then sorted by grade and size. The non-recycleable pallets are ground up for animal bedding.

In our logging operations, we use every aspect of the tree. Nothing is wasted! Parts that we don’t turn into pallets, boxes or crates are used as firewood (both slabwood and split hardwood), bark chips, mulch or sawdust. Because all of our raw materials get used, we’re both efficient and environmentally friendly.

The image below shows just part of our vast stockpile of quality firewood and mulch:

Mulch and Firewood