We manufacture 3000-4000 softwood, hardwood or mixed pallets every day in over 70 different sizes – including custom designs. All of our products are sold directly to local businesses, farms, warehouses and factories.

Our Products:

  • Pallets and skids: Available in any size, material and quantity, including slave pallets, stringer pallets, block pallets, panel deck pallets and multiple or limited use pallets. Heat treatment available.
  • Crates & shipping containers: Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Agriculture bins: Fruit boxes and specialty wood boxes designed for NY farmers. See the example to the right.
  • Firewood: split hardwood and slabwood, delivered by the truckload.
  • Premium Hardwood Mulch: triple-ground landscape mulch available for pickup or delivery.


  • Pallet design
  • Pallet repair and recycling
  • Prototype development
  • Inventory management


We recycle over 2000 pallets per day. Those making the cut are repaired with a variety of new stringers and deck boards and then sorted by grade and size. The non-recycleable pallets are ground up for animal bedding. We don’t throw away or waste anything!


We are ISPM 15 Heat Treat Certified, and we have a state-of-the-art heat treatment facility on our property that treats more than 2000 pallets per day! Essentially a giant oven, this processes heats the wood to temperatures where its properties change significantly. Heat treatment usually takes about 24 hours. This process kills any possible insects or fungus that may be present in the raw wood and allows our pallets to be shipped overseas. Heat-treating wood is an environmentally friendly method of making wood export-ready without the use of harmful chemicals.